Sunday, 20 January 2013

The number one (Leeteuk/Heechul)

Pairing: Leeteuk/ Heechul
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Slight Angst, AU!verse
Word count: 1800

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

And it ended like that again. Leeteuk was leading a sniffling girl out of the room with a packet of 3-ply tissues. Heechul smirked slightly. A casual passerby might assume that Leeteuk was simply a less-than-jerky ex-boyfriend who just dumped that girl. The assumption could barely get further from the truth, unless you were Donghae and thought Leeteuk killed the girl’s goldfish. But that was just Donghae.

Leeteuk was the head school counselor, and he also took the credit for transforming the old dusty counseling room from the cobweb-filled temporary storage room for blackboard dusters to a comfortable counseling room. Leeteuk always insisted it was partially Heechul’s credit as he dragged the more-than-slightly-reluctant Heechul, grumbling and protesting, to help him clean it up. After all, there was no way, no way at all, that Leeteuk was getting anywhere within ten meters of a eight-legged monster.


“Chulie! Monster! On the desk! Slay it!” screamed a hysterical Leeteuk.

Heechul chuckled. “Really, Teukie? Monster? That is a spider. Just a spider. Not even of a poisonous variety. Now if it was a Black Widow, then maybe you’re talking. And slay? Teukie, this is not one of my games.”

“WHATEVER! Just get rid of it! “ Leeteuk’s nail dug into Heechul’s shoulder blades as Heechul slammed the rolled newspapers.

‘Pity, I have no intention to harm innocent lives. What would Siwon think of this?”

“ I’ll just pray for you later- AHH! Another one! On the window!”

For the rest of the day, the room was filled with Leeteuk’s screams and sarcastic remarks from Heechul. Oh, and a lot of praying later from Siwon, who believed Heechul had committed far more crimes in his life apart from harming innocent lives. Heechul was happy when it was over.

The time had passed, fast. From the spider-infested storage room with the lone counselor being Leeteuk, the counseling room was now a comfortable place with a whole team of counselors.

Of course, Heechul had never been part of that team. He simply wasn’t cut out for things like that. (But he always insisted he was made for greater things.)

“You WHAT?” Leeteuk was trying very hard not to yell at Heechul.

“I simply told her if she was upset that her boyfriend was inferior to her idol, she should simply break up with her boyfriend, since she was clearly more in love with her idol.” Heechul said, not looking up once from his computer game.

“Chulie- you-you-you-ugh. What am I to do with you? You make sense, but you shouldn’t put it that way.” Leeteuk sighed.

“That’s why you should let me sit here and play computer! I have no counseling potential!” Heechul said with relish.

Not like Leeteuk needed his help now, Heechul thought. His team of counselors was more-than-adept. There was Shindong; the comforting counselor with bear hugs for everyone whom he thought needed one. There was the gentle and understanding (and in Heechul’s opinion too innocent for the world) Ryeowook, and the ever sweet and understanding the-son-every-mother wanted Sungmin. He? He would hurt more people than he could ever help. Better lazing in the room waiting for Leeteuk. Computer games were a lot easier than life after all. Kill monsters, get rewards, kill more monsters and get more rewards. Simple. Unlike life.

“You won’t believe it, Chulie.” Leeteuk said, swinging the door open.

“Try me. “ Heechul smirked as he tilted the laptop screen downwards.

“She swears she likes you- and says she’s been sending signals to you-but apparently you never notice. Yet I have never seen her around. And I think I can only claim to see you more than your game character. “ Leeteuk finished with an exaggerated clueless face.

“She pretty?” Heechul said, putting his laptop into his bag.

“God, Chulie. Really? Not prettier than you, but who is? Name’s Amanda. Don’t make her come back here. “

“I’ll try my best.” Heechul said with a half-smile. “No promises.”

Like any other day, Heechul and Leeteuk left the counseling room the last.

It’s like any other ordinary day, but unlike normal Heechul isn’t just sitting in Leeteuk’s office leeching off free air-conditioning and Internet connection. He’s worried. Worried that he should have noticed earlier. One of the few things he would not claim to be was astute when it came to things like emotions. Heechul feels bad because he has only one best friend- and if he can’t even help him, he’s useless.

And it’s just like any other day when they close up the counseling room until Heechul suddenly practically demands Leeteuk to sit on the sofa with him.

“So. Spill.” Heechul’s eyes are dark and his expression is dead serious. Softer lines of his face mark out worried creases.

“What the hell, Chulie?” Leeteuk shifts in his seat, clearly uncomfortable. He attempts to wiggle his hands out of Heechul’s firm grasp but Heechul has always been physically stronger than him, no matter what computer game addiction might have suggested.

“Okay, so I am not the world’s sharpest person but I am not stupid, Teukie. I have enough sense to know that with my best friend.”  

Somehow, that’s all it takes. The floodgates burst open and stories and tears spill forth- about how he felt so lonely sometimes. Sometimes he felt that people only looked for him when they had troubles but the moment when everything gets better, no one cares about his existence. It’s childish, he said, but sometimes in group work he feels like an outcast- not because nobody but because nobody likes him enough so he becomes one of the remainders at the end. When he joins the groups, it feels like some patronizing afterthought and not because he’s actually wanted or needed.

It’s not like he dislikes helping, but sometimes it was such a burden. Being human and acting as if he had no problems himself- as if he was not going through the same things as they were. As if he could only care for others and not have anyone care for him.

“Stupid. Teukie. No matter what you have me. I’m your goddamn best friend for a reason, even if you haven’t noticed yet. “ Heechul sighs and ruffles Leeteuk’s hair and gently uses the nearby tissues to dab Leeteuk eyes.

“ You have me, and I’m sorry to say you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not. I can’t say many good things about myself, but I can say that I care for you. I don’t give a damn about what the world thinks about you. I’m judgmental and opinionated, but I won’t judge you.  Even if the world doesn’t care, I do. So trust me, goddamn it, Teukie. “

“ I know Chulie, but sometime’s I’m this selfish person wishing for you not to meet someone else you like more than me. Horrible aren’t I? I can’t imagine not having you annoying face around all the time. I don’t like being lonely. I feel like I’m not number one on anyone’s list. All the time I hope you won’t get a girlfriend so I’ll always be your number one. I can’t stand the thought of not being your number one Chulie; I love yo-“ Leeteuk than buries his tear-stricken face into his palms and a fierce fire-red blush crept up to the tips of his ears.

“Shit. Forget I ever said that. Please. I’m begging you. I don’t want to spoil this.”

Heechul pries Leeteuk’s face from his palms. “ Look at me, damn it Teukie. I heard it. No taking it back.”

It takes a long time for Leeteuk to gather enough courage to pry open the lids of his eyes. He sees Heechul giving him a warm smile. He can barely process the startling fact that Heechul hasn’t ran away in disgust, calling him a freak and getting away that he’s far too stunned to respond to Heechul leaning in and giving him a soft peck on the cheek.

“ Do you still want me to forget something as important as you love me too?”

It takes time for a Leeteuk in emotional turmoil to register that Heechul admitted to liking him as well. Too shocked for words, he merely wraps his arms around Heechul’s body and lets out a full, radiant smile.

“ Silly. You are, and always have been my number one. An accidental confession does nothing much but prove that my feelings have been reciprocated, Teukie.” Heechul speaks uncharacteristically softly, gently patting Leeteuk’s back.

Confidence slowly returning to a shaken Leeteuk, he very slowly moves his head towards Heechul, nuzzling his neck and giving a “ is this okay?” face and when Heechul nods, he closes his eyes and their lips collide. Their kiss is slow and sweet, mixed with salty tears.

It’s their first kiss, and both of them think it couldn’t be more perfect.

When they part, Leeteuk was blushing again and wishing he were born pink to save him from all the blushing.

“ I love you too my silly number one.” Heechul says affectionately, causing Leeteuk to blush all again.

Outside the counseling room, the three other counselors were sandwiched at the side window.  It was a quite a sight.

“ Unbelievable. Never knew Heechul was that attentive. It expected one more week of emo Leeteuk before he noticed. Must be the effect of love. “ said the rather surprised but nonetheless excited Sungmin.

“Oh my gosh. Heechul and Leeteuk kissed! Omo! Omo! Ottoke?” squealed a slightly hysterical and very innocent Ryeowook.

Shindong sniggered. “ I’m actually surprised Heechul hasn’t done anything more risqué myself.” Sungmin nodded in agreement before telling Ryeowook that he didn’t need to know what risqué meant, and no, it would not be tested in the exams.  “Told you Heechul liked Leeteuk. Even his healer-girl game character is called Leeteukie!”


On another normal and peaceful day, Leeteuk walked in after yet another counseling session to find Heechul leeching of air-conditioning and Internet connection again.

“ Chulie-ah, you should seriously- OH MY GOD. Is that girl character in skimpy clothes called Leeteukie? CHULIE! Change it! Now!” Leeteuk whacked Heechul and a pale pink coloured his cheeks.

Heechul clicked some buttons. “ You’ll need to log into the account to change it.”

Protesting weakly, Leeteuk muscled over to the keyboard to type the username “TeukieChulie”. Apparently there was no way to change the username without resetting all his progress. “ But I don’t know your password.” Leeteuk realised a little belatedly.

A few keyboard flicks and Heechul looked up sweetly. With wide-saucer eyes, Leeteuk stared before kissing Heechul. Changing the character name or at least forcing the Heechul to put the character in more decent clothing could wait.

After all, the password was “mynumberone”.

A/N: First one done^^ It’s my first attempt at this (and any subsequent pairing) so don’t kill me if I fail majorly. I apologise for any trauma I may have caused. Comments and suggestions are loved.


  1. awwwwwww >//////< i like it i like it i like it i like it so damn much. It's been so along that i could find a worth best to read teukchul fic again. My precious OTP. Thank you so much.